The Voodoo Gold Trail by Walter Walden Page 1 of 259

CHAPTER I. We Get Interesting News
CHAPTER II. We Meet with A Serious Reverse
CHAPTER III. We Sail on a Different Quest
CHAPTER IV. We Pick up the Trail
CHAPTER V. We Gain an Ally
CHAPTER VI. We Break up the Voodoo Ceremonial
CHAPTER VII. A Distress Call Goes to the Pearl
CHAPTER VIII. The Voodoo Stronghold
CHAPTER IX. The Stampede
CHAPTER X. The Gold Trail Again
CHAPTER XI. At Hide and Seek with the Enemy
CHAPTER XII. In Captivity - The Message
CHAPTER XIII. Julian's Narrative - The Secret Message
CHAPTER XIV. Julian Continues the Narrative - Norris's Big Gun
CHAPTER XV. An Exchange of Prisons
CHAPTER XVII. Julian's Story Again - The Search for the Lost Comrades
CHAPTER XVIII. Our Boat is Scuttled

CHAPTER XIX. We Steal a March on the Enemy
CHAPTER XX. The Mysterious Trail
CHAPTER XXI. We Seek in Vain for a Lost Trail; and Discover a Lone Monkey
CHAPTER XXII. The Isle in Crow Bay
CHAPTER XXIII. What the Water Hid
CHAPTER XXIV. In the Hidden Vale - A New Acquaintance
CHAPTER XXV. We Consort with a Pickpocket
CHAPTER XXVI. Doings on the Little Isle Again
CHAPTER XXVIII. We Are Trapped - The Battle
CHAPTER XXIX. How the Enemy Perish, and the Monkey Discovers the Treasure
CHAPTER XXX. The Cache on the Isle
CHAPTER XXXI. We Run the Gauntlet - Home Bound

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