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I. "Allah Makes All Things Easy!"
II. "Trust in God, But Tie Your Camel!"
III. "Ali Higg's Brains Live in a Black Tent!"
IV. "Go and Ask the Kites, Then, At Dat Ras!"
V. "Let That Mother of Snakes Beware!"
VI. "Him and Me-Same Father!"
VII. "You Got Cold Feet?"
VIII. "He Cools His Wrath in the Moonlight, Communing with Allah!"
IX. "I Think We've Got the Lion of Petra on the Hip!"
X. "There's No Room for Two of You!"
XI. "That We Make a Profit from This Venture?"
XII. "Yet I Forgot to Speak of the Twenty Aeroplanes!"
XIII. "There is a Trick to Ruling!"


"Allah Makes All Things Easy!"

This isn't an animal story. No lions live at Petra nowadays, at any rate, no four-legged ones; none could have survived competition with the biped. Unquestionably there were tamer, gentler, less assertive lions there once, real yellow cats with no worse inconveniences for the casual stranger than teeth, claws, and appetites.

The Assyrian kings used to come and hunt near Petra, and brag about it afterward; after you have well discounted the lies they made their sculptors tell on huge stone monoliths when they got back home, they remain a pretty peppery line of potentates.

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