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I. My Wife Makes Up her Mind to Move,
II. House-Hunting a la Mode,
III. An Old Friend Unexpectedly Presents Himself
IV. Bob Millet Gives us Some Curious Information about the House in Lamb's Terrace,
V. We Look Over the House in Lamb's Terrace and Receive a Shock,
VI. The Answer to the Bell,
VII. I Make Some Singular Experiments,
VIII. I Take Bob into my Confidence,
IX. I Pay Bob Millet a Visit,
X. Ronald Elsdale Gives Opinions,
XI. Bob Relates to me Some Particulars of Ronald Elsdale's Delusions,
XII. A House on Fire,
XIII. I Take the Haunted House,
XIV. A Meager Report from the Inquiry Agent,

XV. What the Inquest Revealed,
XVI. In 79 Lamb's Terrace,
XVII. Barbara,
XVIII. Molly,
XIX. Important Information,
XX. Dr. Cooper,
XXI. Barbara Gives us Some Valuable Information,
XXII. Mr. Nisbet Visits Lamb's Terrace,
XXIII. On the Track,
XXIV. We Arrive in Paris,
XXV. We Come to a Halt,
XXVI. A Good Night's Work,
XXVII. A Word with Mme. Bernstein,
XXVIII. Mme. Bernstein Reveals,
XXIX. Dr. Cooper is Impressed,
XXX. Mr. Nisbet Takes a Decided Step,

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