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The Jimmyjohn Boss
A Kinsman of Red Cloud
Sharon's Choice
Napoleon Shave-Tail
Twenty Minutes for Refreshments
The Promised Land
Hank's Woman
Padre Ignazio

To Messrs. Harper & Bothers and Henry Mills Alden whose friendliness and fair dealing I am glad of this chance to record

Owen Wister


It's very plain that if a thing's the fashion-
Too much the fashion-if the people leap
To do it, or to be it, in a passion
Of haste and crowding, like a herd of sheep,

Why then that thing becomes through imitation
Vulgar, excessive, obvious, and cheap.

No gentleman desires to be pursuing

What every Tom and Dick and Harry's doing.

Stranger, do you write books? I ask the question,
Because I'm told that everybody writes
That what with scribbling, eating, and digestion,
And proper slumber, all our days and nights

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