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Book I. - The Trial of Gautran.

I. - Only a Flower-girl,
II. - The Arrival of the Advocate,
III. - The Advocate's Wife Insists upon Having her Way,
IV. - Jacob Hartrich, the Baker, Gives his Reasons for Believing Gautran the Woodman Guilty of the Murder of Madeline,
V. - Fritz the Fool,
VI. - Mistress and Maid,
VII. - A Visit from Pierre Lamont - Dreams of Love,
VIII. - The Interview in Prison,
IX. - The Advocate Undertakes a Strange Case,
X. - Two Letters - From Friend to Friend, from Lover to Lover,
XI. - Fire and Snow - Fool Fritz Informs Pierre Lamont, where Actual Love Commences,
XII. - The Struggle of Love and Duty,

XIII. - The Trial of Gautran,
XIV. - The Evidence of Witnesses,
XV. - The Widow Joseph Gives Evidence Respecting a Mysterious Visitor,
XVI. - The Conclusion of the Prosecution,
XVII. - The Advocate's Defense - The Verdict,

Book II. - The Confession.

I. - A Letter from John Vanbrugh,
II. - A Startling Interruption,
III. - In the Dead of Night,
IV. - The Confession,

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