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Prologue--Hugh Seymour
I. Henry Fitzgeorge Strether
II. Ernest Henry
III. Angelina
IV. Bim Rochester
V. Nancy Ross
VI. 'Enery
VII. Barbara Flint
VIII. Sarah Trefusis
IX. Young John Scarlet

Hugh Seymour

When Hugh Seymour was nine years of age he was sent from Ceylon, where his parents lived, to be educated in England. His relations having, for the most part, settled in foreign countries, he spent his holidays as a very minute and pale-faced "paying guest" in various houses where other children were of more importance than he, or where children as a race were of no importance at all.

It was in this way that he became during certain months of 1889 and 1890 and '91 a resident in the family of the Rev. William Lasher, Vicar of Clinton St. Mary, that large rambling village on the edge of Roche St. Mary Moor in South Glebeshire.

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