The Devil's Own by Randall Parrish Page 1 of 311


I At Old Fort Armstrong
II On Furlough
III History of the Beaucaires
IV The End of the Game
V Kirby Shows His Hand
VI Into the Black Water
VII Picking Up the Threads
VIII I Decide My Duty
IX The Home of Judge Beaucaire
X A Girl at Bay
XI To Save a "Nigger"
XII We Capture a Keel-Boat
XIII Seeking the Underground
XIV The Dawn of Deeper Interest
XV The Cabin of Amos Shrunk
XVI The Trail of the Raiders

XVII We Face Disaster
XVIII The Loss of Rene
XIX On Board the _Adventurer_
XX The Story of Elsie dark
XXI The Landing at Yellow Banks
XXII My Friend, the Deputy Sheriff
XXIV Kirby and I Meet
XXV The Fugitives
XXVI The Island in the Swamp
XXVII We Choose Our Course
XXVIII A Field of Massacre
XXIX The Valley of the Bureau
XXX We Accept a Refugee
XXXI The Valley of the Shadow
XXXII The Trail to Ottawa

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