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CHAPTER I--Which Describes, among Other Things, a Pair of Whiskers
CHAPTER II--Of a Mournful Millionaire Who Lacked an Object
CHAPTER III--How Geoffrey Ravenslee Went Seeking an Object
CHAPTER IV--Telling How He Came to Hell's Kitchen at Peep o' Day
CHAPTER V--How Mrs. Trapes Acquired a New Lodger, Despite her Elbows
CHAPTER VI--How Spike Initiated Mr. Ravenslee into the Gentle Art of Shopping
CHAPTER VII--Concerning Ankles, Stairs, and Neighbourliness
CHAPTER VIII--Of Candies and Confidences
CHAPTER IX--Which Recounts the End of an Episode
CHAPTER X--Tells How Mr. Ravenslee Went into Trade
CHAPTER XI--Antagonism is Born and War Declared
CHAPTER XII--Containing Some Description of a Supper Party
CHAPTER XIII--Wherein may be Found Some Particulars of the Beautiful City of Perhaps
CHAPTER XIV--Of a Text, a Letter, and a Song
CHAPTER XV--Which Introduces Joe and the Old Un
CHAPTER XVI--Of the First and Second Persons, Singular Number
CHAPTER XVII--How Geoffrey Ravenslee Made a Deal in Real Estate

CHAPTER XVIII--How Spike Hearkened to Poisonous Suggestion and Soapy Began to Wonder
CHAPTER XIX--In which the Poison Begins to Work
CHAPTER XX--Of an Expedition by Night
CHAPTER XXI--How M'Ginnis Threatened and - Went
CHAPTER XXII--Tells of an Early Morning Visit and a Warning
CHAPTER XXIII--Chiefly Concerning a Letter
CHAPTER XXIV--How the Old Un and Certain Others had Tea
CHAPTER XXV--How Spike Made a Choice and a Promise
CHAPTER XXVI--Which Makes Further Mention of a Ring
CHAPTER XXVII--Mrs. Trapes Upon the Millennium
CHAPTER XXVIII--Which should have Related Details of a Wedding
CHAPTER XXIX--In which Hermione Makes a Fateful Decision
CHAPTER XXX--How Geoffrey Ravenslee Departed from Hell's Kitchen
CHAPTER XXXI--In which Soapy Takes a Hand
CHAPTER XXXII--Of Harmony and Discord

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