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I. "Hinter die Kirche bluehe die blaue Blumeleft der Zufriedenheit"
II. Of Thaddeus Bourn and his Purposes
III. Of Morgan Map and his Purposes
IV. In which Thaddeus uses the term "Moral Justification"
V. Introducing Hamilton and Saint Mary's Organ
VI. Introducing Gard Windham and the Brotherhood of Consolation
VII. Introducing Moselle and Mavering
VIII. Of Mrs. Mavering, and of the Philosophy of the Individual
IX. Of Estates in Happiness
X. Of Spring in Hamilton-Of Thaddeus's Opportunity to be Candid
XI. The Whirlpool-Mr. Paulus's Reminiscences of Women

XII. Antietam
XIII. In which Appears a General of Division, and one of "the Brethren"
XIV. In which Mavering Concludes that Cavalry Officers as a Class are Eccentric and Deep
XV. Treats of the Distribution of Tracts in the Valley of the Shenandoah
XVI. Which Discloses one Daddy Joe, and Disposes of an Evangelist
XVII. On the Question of the Exact Location of the Divinity which is Ultimately Called Worth While
XVIII. In which there is Discovered a Compunction
XIX. In which Windham Drops Out of the Fight-and Mavering Remarks on Human Adaptability
XX. Treats of Further Incidents in the House with the White Door
XXI. In which We Go Down the River and Return
XXII. Of Mavering, who Disappears-Of the Gray Poet-Of Morgan, Who Appears Once More
XXIII. The End

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