The Deaves Affair by Hulbert Footner Page 1 of 283

I A Penny Change
II A Rich Man's House
III Snooping
IV The New Lodger
V The Happy Little Family
VI The Little Fellow in Grey
VII Platonic Friendship
VIII Evan is Re-engaged
IX The Compact is Smashed
X Maud's Interest
XI The Steamboat Ernestina
XII Evan Loses a Round
XIII A Little Detective Work
XIV Number 11 Van Dorn Street
XV The Club House
XVI Back to Earth
XVII The Ernestina Again

XVIII The Accident
XIX Four Visits from George Deaves
XX The Beginning of the Night
XXI Later that Night
XXII Towards Morning
XXIII Simeon Deaves Turns Philanthropist
XXIV Conclusion

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