The Cavalier by George W Cable Page 1 of 267

I. She Wanted to Laugh
II. Lieutenant Ferry
III. She
IV. Three Days' Rations
V. Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty
VI. A Handsome Stranger
VII. A Plague on Names!
VIII. Another Curtained Wagon
IX. The Dandy's Task
X. The Soldier's Hour
XI. Captain Jewett
XII. In the General's Tent
XIII. Good-Bye, Dick
XIV. Coralie Rothvelt
XV. Venus and Mars
XVI. An Aching Conscience
XVII. Two Under One Hat-Brim

XVIII. The Jayhawkers
XIX. Asleep in the Death-Trap
XX. Charlotte Oliver
XXI. The Fight on the Bridge
XXII. We Speed a Parting Guest
XXIII. Ferry Talks of Charlotte
XXIV. A Million and a Half
XXV. A Quiet Ride
XXVI. A Salute Across the Dead-Line
XXVII. Some Fall, Some Plunge
XXVIII. Oldest Game on Earth
XXIX. A Gnawing in the Dark
XXX. Dignity and Impudence
XXXI. The Red Star's Warning
XXXII. A Martyr's Wrath
XXXIII. Torch and Sword
XXXIV. The Charge in the Lane
XXXV. Fallen Heroes

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