The Adventures of Count Fathom by T Smollett Page 1 of 512

Part One

I Some sage Observations that naturally introduce our important

II A superficial View of our Hero's Infancy

III He is initiated in a Military Life, and has the good Fortune
to acquire a generous Patron

IV His Mother's Prowess and Death; together with some Instances
of his own Sagacity

V A brief Detail of his Education

VI He meditates Schemes of Importance

VII Engages in Partnership with a female Associate, in order to
put his Talents in Action

VIII Their first Attempt; with a Digression which some Readers
may think impertinent

IX The Confederates change their Battery, and achieve a remarkable

X They proceed to levy Contributions with great Success, until
our Hero sets out with the young Count for Vienna, where he
enters into League with another Adventurer

XI Fathom makes various Efforts in the World of Gallantry

XII He effects a Lodgment in the House of a rich Jeweller

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