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Sixes and Sevens by O. Henry

I. The Last of the Troubadours
II. The Sleuths
III. Witches' Loaves
IV. The Pride of the Cities
V. Holding Up a Train
VI. Ulysses and the Dogman
VII. The Champion of the Weather
VIII. Makes the Whole World Kin
IX. At Arms with Morpheus
X. A Ghost of a Chance
XI. Jimmy Hayes and Muriel
XII. The Door of Unrest
XIII. The Duplicity of Hargraves
XIV. Let Me Feel Your Pulse

XV. October and June
XVI. The Church with an Overshot-Wheel
XVII. New York by Camp Fire Light
XVIII. The Adventures of Shamrock Jolnes
XIX. The Lady Higher Up
XX. The Greater Coney
XXI. Law and Order
XXII. Transformation of Martin Burney
XXIII. The Caliph and the Cad
XXIV. The Diamond of Kali
XXV. The Day We Celebrate

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