Semiramis by Edward Peple Page 1 of 280


The Raising of the Siege
The Building of a City
The Governor of Syria
The Fish Goddess
A Prayer to Dagon
The Daughter of Derketo
A Master's Kiss
They that Depart and He that is Left Behind
The Eaglet Nursed by Doves
The Lifting of a Tax
The Sandal and the Straws
The Sorrows of a King
The Skin of a One-Eyed Lion
The Turn of a Woman's Tongue
An Army on the March
The Pass of the Wedge

In the Shadow of Zariaspa
The Raisin in a Skin of Vinegar
The Stratagem
The Flight
The Riddle of the Secret Way
Who Ruleth, First Must Rise
The Siege
The Citadel
Shifting the Burden
The Passing of a Man
A Path Which Led to Its Starting Point
The Cry of the Tigress to her Mate
When a Woman Ruled the World
The Desert and the King
The Crowning of the Dead
A War Queen's Prophecy

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