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I. The Dressmaker's Apprentice at Work
II. Ruth Goes to the Shire-Hall
III. Sunday at Mrs Mason's
IV. Treading in Perilous Places
V. In North Wales
VI. Troubles Gather About Ruth
VII. The Crisis-Watching and Waiting
VIII. Mrs Bellingham "Does the Thing Handsomely"
IX. The Storm-Spirit Subdued
X. A Note and the Answer
XI. Thurstan and Faith Benson
XII. Losing Sight of the Welsh Mountains
XIII. The Dissenting Minister's Household
XIV. Ruth's First Sunday at Eccleston
XV. Mother and Child

XVI. Sally Tells of Her Sweethearts, and Discourses on the Duties of Life
XVII. Leonard's Christening
XVIII. Ruth Becomes a Governess in Mr Bradshaw's Family
XIX. After Five Years
XX. Jemima Refuses to Be Managed
XXI. Mr Farquhar's Attentions Transferred
XXII. The Liberal Candidate and His Precursor
XXIII. Recognition
XXIV. The Meeting on the Sands
XXV. Jemima Makes a Discovery
XXVI. Mr Bradshaw's Virtuous Indignation
XXVII. Preparing to Stand on the Truth
XXVIII. An Understanding Between Lovers
XXIX. Sally Takes Her Money Out of the Bank
XXX. The Forged Deed
XXXI. An Accident to the Dover Coach
XXXII. The Bradshaw Pew Again Occupied
XXXIII. A Mother to Be Proud Of

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