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CHAPTER I. Rowland
CHAPTER II. Roderick
CHAPTER IV. Experience
CHAPTER V. Christina
CHAPTER VI. Frascati
CHAPTER VII. Saint Cecilia's
CHAPTER VIII.Provocation
CHAPTER IX. Mary Garland
CHAPTER X. The Cavaliere
CHAPTER XI. Mrs. Hudson
CHAPTER XII. The Princess Casamassima
CHAPTER XIII.Switzerland

CHAPTER I. Rowland

Mallet had made his arrangements to sail for Europe on the first of September, and having in the interval a fortnight to spare, he determined to spend it with his cousin Cecilia, the widow of a nephew of his father. He was urged by the reflection that an affectionate farewell might help to exonerate him from the charge of neglect frequently preferred by this lady.

It was not that the young man disliked her; on the contrary, he regarded her with a tender admiration, and he had not forgotten how, when his cousin had brought her home on her marriage, he had seemed to feel the upward sweep of the empty bough from which the golden fruit had been plucked, and had then and there accepted the prospect of bachelorhood.

The truth was, that, as it will be part of the entertainment of this narrative to exhibit, Rowland Mallet had an uncomfortably sensitive conscience, and that, in spite of the seeming paradox, his visits to Cecilia were rare because she and her misfortunes were often uppermost in it.

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