Robur the Conqueror by Jules Verne Page 1 of 188


I Mysterious sounds
II Agreement Impossible
III A Visitor is Announced
IV In Which a New Character Appears
V Another Disappearance
VI The President and Secretary Suspend Hostilities
VII On board the Albatross
VIII The Balloonists Refuse to be Convinced
IX Across the Prairie
X Westward-but Whither?
XI The Wide Pacific
XII Through the Himalayas
XIII Over the Caspian
XIV The Aeronef at Full Speed
XV A Skirmish in Dahomey

XVI Over the Atlantic
XVII The Shipwrecked Crew
XVIII Over the Volcano
XIX Anchored at Last
XX The Wreck of the Albatross
XXI The Institute Again
XXII The Go-Ahead is Launched
XXIII The Grand Collapse

Chapter I


BANG! Bang!

The pistol shots were almost simultaneous. A cow peacefully grazing fifty yards away received one of the bullets in her back. She had nothing to do with the quarrel all the same.

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