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Volume I

I. Phineas Finn Proposes to Stand for Loughshane
II. Phineas Finn Is Elected for Loughshane
III. Phineas Finn Takes His Seat
IV. Lady Laura Standish
V. Mr. and Mrs. Low
VI. Lord Brentford's Dinner
VII. Mr. and Mrs. Bunce
VIII. The News about Mr. Mildmay and Sir Everard
IX. The New Government
X. Violet Effingham
XI. Lord Chiltern
XII. Autumnal Prospects
XIII. Saulsby Wood
XIV. Loughlinter
XV. Donald Bean's Pony

XVI. Phineas Finn Returns to Killaloe
XVII. Phineas Finn Returns to London
XVIII. Mr. Turnbull
XIX. Lord Chiltern Rides His Horse Bonebreaker
XX. The Debate on the Ballot
XXI. "Do be punctual"
XXII. Lady Baldock at Home
XXIII. Sunday in Grosvenor Place
XXIV. The Willingford Bull
XXV. Mr. Turnbull's Carriage Stops the Way
XXVI. "The First Speech"
XXVII. Phineas Discussed
XXVIII. The Second Reading Is Carried
XXIX. A Cabinet Meeting
XXX. Mr. Kennedy's Luck
XXXI. Finn for Loughton
XXXII. Lady Laura Kennedy's Headache

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