Mollie's Prince by Rosa Nouchette Carey Page 1 of 395


CHAPTER I. In the Lime Avenue
CHAPTER II. "Monsieur Blackie"
CHAPTER III. "King Canute" Comes Back
CHAPTER IV. The Ward Family at Home
CHAPTER V. Fairy Magnificent
CHAPTER VI. Queen Elizabeth's Wraith
CHAPTER VII. A Humourist and an Idealist
CHAPTER VIII. Mollie's Baby-House
CHAPTER IX. Rosalind and Celia
CHAPTER X. "It is the Voice of Sheila"
CHAPTER XI. "A Noticeable Man, with Large Grey Eyes"
CHAPTER XII. The Pansy-Room and Cosy Nook
CHAPTER XIII. Concerning Guardian Angels and Ithuriel's Spear
CHAPTER XIV. Thursdays at the Porch House
CHAPTER XV. Orlando to the Rescue
CHAPTER XVI. Sir Reynard and the Grapes
CHAPTER XVII. "Like Ships that Pass in the Night"

CHAPTER XVIII. Joanna Tangles Her Skein
CHAPTER XIX. A Check for the Black Prince
CHAPTER XX. "Dad's Little Betty"
CHAPTER XXI. A Child's Creed
CHAPTER XXII. Between the Acts
CHAPTER XXIII. Across the Golf Links
CHAPTER XXIV. "Lost, Stolen, or Strayed"
CHAPTER XXV. A Wet Night and a Difference of Opinion
CHAPTER XXVI. A White Vellum Pocket-Book
CHAPTER XXVII. An Idealist in Love
CHAPTER XXVIII. "But Yet the Pity of It!"
CHAPTER XXIX. Barmecide's Feast and a Brown Study
CHAPTER XXXI. Down by the River
CHAPTER XXXII. "I Will Never be Faithless Again"
CHAPTER XXXIII. A Quixotic Resolution
CHAPTER XXXIV. "I Have Wanted My Old Sweetheart"
CHAPTER XXXV. "What am I to Say?"

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