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I. The Mackenzie Family
II. Miss Mackenzie Goes to Littlebath
III. Miss Mackenzie's First Acquaintances
IV. Miss Mackenzie Commences Her Career
V. Showing How Mr Rubb, Junior, Progressed at Littlebath
VI. Miss Mackenzie Goes to the Cedars
VII. Miss Mackenzie Leaves the Cedars
VIII. Mrs Tom Mackenzie's Dinner Party
IX. Miss Mackenzie's Philosophy
X. Plenary Absolutions
XI. Miss Todd Entertains Some Friends at Tea
XII. Mrs Stumfold Interferes
XIII. Mr Maguire's Courtship
XIV. Tom Mackenzie's Bed-Side

XV. The Tearing of the Verses
XVI. Lady Ball's Grievance
XVII. Mr Slow's Chambers
XVIII. Tribulation
XIX. Showing How Two of Miss Mackenzie's Lovers Behaved
XX. Showing How the Third Lover Behaved
XXI. Mr Maguire Goes to London on Business
XXII. Still at the Cedars
XXIII. The Lodgings of Mrs Buggins, Nee Protheroe
XXIV. The Little Story of the Lion and the Lamb
XXV. Lady Ball in Arundel Street
XXVI. Mrs Mackenzie of Cavendish Square
XXVII. The Negro Soldiers' Orphan Bazaar
XXVIII. Showing How the Lion Was Stung by the Wasp
XXIX. A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed
XXX. Conclusion

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