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The Coin of Dionysius
The Knight's Cross Signal Problem
The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage
The Clever Mrs Straithwaite
The Last Exploit of Harry the Actor
The Tilling Shaw Mystery
The Comedy at Fountain Cottage
The Game played in the Dark


It was eight o'clock at night and raining, scarcely a time when a business so limited in its clientele as that of a coin dealer could hope to attract any customer, but a light was still showing in the small shop that bore over its window the name of Baxter, and in the even smaller office at the back the proprietor himself sat reading the latest Pall Mall.

His enterprise seemed to be justified, for presently the door bell gave its announcement, and throwing down his paper Mr Baxter went forward.

As a matter of fact the dealer had been expecting someone and his manner as he passed into the shop was unmistakably suggestive of a caller of importance. But at the first glance towards his visitor the excess of deference melted out of his bearing, leaving the urbane, self-possessed shopman in the presence of the casual customer.

"Mr Baxter, I think?" said the latter. He had laid aside his dripping umbrella and was unbuttoning overcoat and coat to reach an inner pocket. "You hardly remember me, I suppose? Mr Carlyle-two years ago I took up a case for you--"

"To be sure. Mr Carlyle, the private detective--"

"Inquiry agent," corrected Mr Carlyle precisely.

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