Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey Page 1 of 602

1 The Blake Family are discussed
2 Audrey introduces Herself
3 The Blake Family at Home
4 Michael
5 The New Master
6 The Gray Cottage
7 Kester's Hero
8 'I hope Better Things of Audrey'
9 Mat
10 Priscilla Baxter
11 'A Girl after my own Heart'
12 Mollie goes to Deep-Water Chine
13 Geraldine gives her Opinion
14 'I am sorry You asked the Question'
15 Mrs. Blake has her New Gown
16 Mollie lets the Cat out of the Bag
17 Among the Brail Lanes

18 On a Scotch Moor
19 Yellow Stockings on the Tapis
20 'The Little Rift'
21 'He is very Brave'
22 'No, You have not spared Me'
23 'Daddy, I want to speak to You'
24 'I felt such a Culprit, You see'
25 Mr. Harcourt speaks his Mind
26 How Geraldine took it to Heart
27 What Michael thought of it
28 Michael turns over a New Leaf
29 Two Family Events
30 'I could not stand it any longer, Tom'
31 'Will You call the Guard?'
32 'I did not love Him'
33 'Shall You tell Him to-night?'
34 'I must think of my Child, Mike'
35 'Olive will acknowledge Anything'

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