Light Fingered Gentry by David Graham Phillips Page 1 of 408



I.- A Matrimonial Mistake
II.- A Feast and a Fiasco
III.- "Only Cousin Neva"
IV.- The Fosdick Family
V.- Narcisse and Alois
VI.- Neva Goes to School
VII.- A Woman's Point of View
VIII.- In Neva's Studio
IX.- Master and Man
X.- Amy Sweet and Amy Sour
XI.- At Mrs. Trafford's
XII.- "We Never Were"
XIII.- Overlook Lodge
XIV.- Woman's Distrust- and Trust

XV.- Armstrong Swoops
XVI.- Hugo Shows His Mettle
XVII.- Violette's Tapestries
XVIII.- Armstrong Proposes
XIX.- Two Telephone Talks
XX.- Boris Discloses Himself
XXI.- A Sensational Day
XXII.- A Duel After Lunch
XXIII.- "The Woman Boris Loved"
XXIV.- Neva Solves a Riddle
XXV.- Two Women Intervene
XXVI.- Trafford as a Dove of Peace
XXVII.- Breakfast al Fresco
XXVIII.- Foraging for Son-in-Law
XXIX.- "If I Married You"
XXX.- By a Trick
XXXI.- "I Don't Trust Him"
XXXII.- Armstrong Asks a Favor

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