Kincaid's Battery by George W Cable Page 1 of 366

I Carrolton Gardens
II Carriage Company
III The General's Choice
IV Manoeuvres
V Hilary? - - Yes, Uncle?
VI Messrs. Smellemout and Kethem
VII By Starlight
VIII One Killed
IX Her Harpoon Strikes
X Sylvia Sighs
XI In Column of Platoons
XII Mandeville Bleeds
XIII Things Anna Could Not Write
XIV Flora Taps Grandma's Cheek
XV The Long Month of March
XVI ConstanceTries to Help
XVII "Oh, Connie, Dear - - Nothing - - Go On"
XVIII Flora Tells the Truth!

XIX Flora Romances
XX The Fight for the Standard
XXI Constance Cross-Examines
XXII Same Story Slightly Warped
XXIII "Soldiers!"
XXIV A Parked Battery Can Raise a Dust
XXV "He Must Wait," Says Anna
XXVI Swift Going, Down Stream
XXVII Hard Going, Up Stream
XXVIII The Cup of Tantalus
XXIX A Castaway Rose
XXX Good-by, Kincaid's Battery
XXXI Virginia Girls and Louisiana Boys
XXXII Manassas
XXXIII Letters
XXXIV A Free-Gift Bazaar
XXXV The "Sisters of Kincaid's Battery"

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