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Chapter I. The Plainsman
Chapter II. The Scene of Tragedy
Chapter III. An Arrest
Chapter IV. An Old Acquaintance
Chapter V. The One Way
Chapter VI. The Escape
Chapter VII. In the Sand Desert
Chapter VIII. The Wilderness Cabin
Chapter IX. The Girl of the Cabin
Chapter X. Mr. Hawley Reveals Himself
Chapter XI. The Fight in the Dark
Chapter XII. Through the Night Shadows
Chapter XIII. The Ford of the Arkansas
Chapter XIV. The Landlady of the Occidentals
Chapter XV. Again Christie Maclaire

Chapter XVI. Introducing Doctor Fairbain
Chapter XVII. In the Next Room
Chapter XVIII. Interviewing Willoughby
Chapter XIX. A Glimpse at Conspiracy
Chapter XX. Hope Goes to Sheridan
Chapter XXI. The Marshal of Sheridan
Chapter XXII. An Interrupted Interview
Chapter XXIII. An Unexpected Meeting
Chapter XXIV. A Mistake in Assassination
Chapter XXV. A Reappearance of the General
Chapter XXVI. A Chance Conversation
Chapter XXVII. Miss Hope Suggests
Chapter XXVIII. The Stage Door of the Trocadero
Chapter XXIX. By Force of Arms
Chapter XXX. In Christie's Room
Chapter XXXI. The Search for the Missing
Chapter XXXII. Fairbain and Christie
Chapter XXXIII. Following the Trail

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