John March, Southerner by George W Cable Page 1 of 444

I. Suez
II. To a Good Boy
III. Two Friends
IV. The Judge's Son Makes Two Life-long Acquaintances, And Is Offered a Third
V. The Master's Home-coming
VI. Trouble
VII. Exodus
VIII. Seven Years of Sunshine
IX. Launcelot Halliday
X. Fannie
XI. A Bleeding Heart
XII. John Thinks He Is Not Afraid
XIII. For Fannie
XIV. A Mortgage on John
XV. Arrivals at Rosemont
XVI. A Group of New Influences
XVII. The Rosemont Atmosphere
XVIII. The Pangs of Coquetry

XIX. Mr. Ravenel Shows a "More Excellent Way"
XX. Fannie Suggests
XXI. Mr. Leggett's Chicken-pie Policy
XXII. Climbing Lover's Leap
XXIII. A Summons for the Judge
XXIV. The Golden Spike
XXV. By Rail
XXVI. John Insults the British Flag
XXVII. To Susie - From Pussie
XXVIII. Information for Sale
XXIX. Ravenel Asks
XXX. Another Odd Number
XXXI. Mr. Fair Ventures Some Interrogations
XXXII. Jordan
XXXIII. The Opportune Moment
XXXIV. Daphne and Dinwiddie: A Pastel In Prose
XXXV. A Widow's Ultimatum
XXXVI. A New Shingle in Suez

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