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Wilkie Collins


Let me begin by informing you, that this new novel does not present the proposed sequel to my last work of fiction-"The Fallen Leaves."

The first part of that story has, through circumstances connected with the various forms of publications adopted thus far, addressed itself to a comparatively limited class of readers in England.

When the book is finally reprinted in its cheapest form-then, and then only, it will appeal to the great audience of the English people. I am waiting for that time, to complete my design by writing the second part of "The Fallen Leaves."


Your knowledge of English Literature-to which I am indebted for the first faithful and intelligent translation of my novels into the Italian language-has long since informed you, that there are certain important social topics which are held to be forbidden to the English novelist (no matter how seriously and how delicately he may treat them), by a narrow-minded minority of readers, and by the critics who flatter their prejudices.

You also know, having done me the honor to read my books, that I respect my art far too sincerely to permit limits to be wantonly assigned to it, which are imposed in no other civilized country on the face of the earth.

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