Gideon's Band by George W Cable Page 1 of 412

I. The Steamboat Levee
II. The Votaress
III. Certain Passengers
IV. The First Two Miles
V. Ramsey Hayle
VI. Hayles's Twins
VII. Supper
VIII. Questions
IX. Sitting Silent
X. Peril
XI. First Night-Watch
XII. Hugh and the Twins
XIII. The Superabounding Ramsey
XIV. The Committee of Seven
XV. Morning Watch
XVI. Phyllis

XVII. It's a-Happmin' Yit - to We All
XVIII. Ramsey Wins a Point or Two
XIX. This Way to Womanhood
XX. Ladies' Table
XXI. Ramsey and the Bishop
XXII. Basile and What He Saw
XXIII. A State of Affairs
XXIV. A Senator Enlightened
XXV. Please Assemble
XXVI. Alarm and Distress
XXVII. Pilots' Eyes
XXVIII. Words and the "Westwood"
XXIX. Studying the River - Together
XXX. Phyllis Again
XXXI. The Burning Boat
XXXII. A Prophet in the Wilderness
XXXIII. Twins and Texas Tender
XXXIV. The Peacemakers

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