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CHAPTER I. The Foot-race
CHAPTER II. What Came of It
CHAPTER III. Frank Learns Something
CHAPTER IV. The Trapper a Prisoner
CHAPTER V. Archie Finds a New Uncle
CHAPTER VI. The Medicine-man
CHAPTER VII. In the Mountains
CHAPTER VIII. Frank's Friend the Grizzly
CHAPTER IX. Adam Brent's Story
CHAPTER X. Turning out a Panther
CHAPTER XI. Frank in Search of his Supper
CHAPTER XII. Adam Besieged
CHAPTER XIII. Dick in a New Character
CHAPTER XIV. A Ride for Life
CHAPTER XV. Conclusion


One sultry afternoon in September, about four weeks after the occurrence of the events we have attempted to describe in the second volume of this series, Frank and Archie found themselves comfortably settled in new quarters, hundreds of miles from the scene of their recent exploits.

According to arrangement, they accompanied Captain Porter on his expedition, and in due time encamped a short distance from an old Indian trading-post, in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The journey across the plains, from Fort Yuma on the Colorado to the head-waters of the Missouri, was accomplished without danger or difficulty. The expedition traveled rapidly, and the only incidents that occurred to relieve the monotony of the ride were a buffalo hunt and a chase after a drove of wild horses.

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