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I The Brook
II The Arrival
III An Early Stroll
IV Gardens
V A Playground
VI A Social Call
VII Pinkie
VIII A Secret
IX Phyllis
X An Auction Sale
XI Fun with Lady Eliza
XII Obeying Orders
XIII Aunt Nine
XIV A Coronation
XV Punishment
XVI The Playhouse
XVII The Fate of Dana Cottage

XVIII A Lovely Plan
XIX The Big Chief
XX A Gay Party



Dick and Dolly were twins and had been twins for nine years.

Most of these years had been spent with Grandma Banks and Aunt Helen, for Dick and Dolly were orphaned when they were tiny tots, and Aunt Helen Banks was their mother's sister.

Then, about two years ago, Grandma Banks had died, and now Aunt Helen was to be married and go far away across the sea to live.

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