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I Of a Great White Bird Upon a Lake
II An Indoor Tempest
III A Whim
IV The Voice of the Open Country
V The Phantom that Rose from the Bottle
VI Baron Tregar
VII Themar
VIII After Sunset
IX In a Storm-Haunted Wood
X On the Ridge Road
XI In the Camp of the Gypsy Lady
XII A Bullet in Arcadia
XIII A Woodland Guest
XIV By the Backwater Pool
XV Jokai of Vienna
XVI The Young Man of the Sea
XVII In Which the Baron Pays
XVIII Nomads
XIX A Nomadic Minstrel
XX The Romance of Minstrelsy
XXI At the Gray of Dawn
XXII Sylvan Suitors
XXIII Letters
XXIV The Lonely Camper
XXV A December Snowstorm
XXVI An Accounting
XXVII The Song of the Pine-Wood Sparrow
XXVIII The Nomad of the Fire-Wheel
XXIX The Black Palmer
XXX The Unmasking
XXXI The Reckoning
XXXII Forest Friends
XXXIII By the Winding Creek
XXXIV The Moon Above the Marsh
XXXV The Wind of the Okeechobee
XXXVI Under the Live Oaks
XXXVII In the Glades
XXXVIII In Philip's Wigwam
XXXIX Under the Wild March Moon
XL The Victory
XLI In Mic-co's Lodge
XLII The Rain Upon the Wigwam
XLIII The Rival Campers
XLIV The Tale of a Candlestick
XLV The Gypsy Blood
XLVI In the Forest
XLVII "The Marshes of Glynn"
XLVIII On the Lake Shore
XLIX Mr. Dorrigan
L The Other Candlestick
LI In the Adirondacks
LII Extracts from the Letters of Norman Westfall
LIII By Mic-co's Pool
LIV On the Westfall Lake

Diane of the Green Van



Spring was stealing lightly over the Connecticut hills, a shy, tender thing of delicate green winging its way with witch-rod over the wooded ridges and the sylvan paths of Diane Westfall's farm.

And with the spring had come a great hammering by the sheepfold and the stables where a smiling horde of metropolitan workmen, sheltered by night in the rambling old farmhouse, built an ingenious house upon wheels and flirted with the house-maids.

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