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Introduction. In which reference is made to a strange, unfathomable being, through whose instrumentality an awful mystery was solved.
Chap. I. In which an account is given of the good fortune which befell Mr. Melladew.
II. I am the recipient of terrible news.
III. A shoal of visitors--followed by another mystery.
IV. Mr. Richard Portland makes a singular proposition to me.
V. I pay a visit to Mrs. Lemon.
VI. I am haunted by three evil-looking objects in Mrs. Lemon's room.
VII. Devlin's first introduction into the mystery.
VIII. I make the acquaintance of George Carton's guardian, Mr. Kenneth Dowsett.
IX. Fanny Lemon relates under what circumstances she resolved to let her second floor front.
X. Devlin the Barber takes Fanny's first floor front.
XI. Devlin performs some wonderful tricks, fascinates Mr. Lemon, and strikes terror to the soul of Fanny Lemon.

XII. Fanny Lemon relates how her husband, after becoming better acquainted with Devlin the Barber, seemed to be haunted by shadows and spirits.
XIII. In which Fanny narrates how her husband had a fit, and what the doctor thought of it.
XIV. Devlin appears suddenly, and holds a conversation with Fanny about the murder.
XV. Fanny describes how she made up her mind what to do with Lemon.
XVI. MR. Lemon wakes up.
XVII. Lemon's vision in the "Twisted Cow."
XVIII. Fanny's story being concluded, I pay a visit to Mr. Lemon, and resolve to interview Devlin the Barber.
XIX. Face to face with Devlin, I demand an explanation of him.
XX. Devlin astonishes me.
XXI. Devlin and I make a compact.
XXII. I send Devlin's desk to my wife, and smoke fragrant cigar.
XXIII. I pass a morning in Devlin's place of business.
XXIV. Mr. Kenneth Dowsett gives me the slip.
XXV. We follow in pursuit.

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