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The Dance
The Widow Hullins's House
The Pantechnicon
Wrecking of a Life
The Mercantile Marine
His Burglary
The Rescuer of Dames
Raising a Wigwam
The Great Newspaper War
His Infamy
In the Alps
The Supreme Honour
Denry the Audacious



Edward Henry Machin first saw the smoke on the 27th May, 1867, in Brougham Street, Bursley, the most ancient of the Five Towns.

Brougham Street runs down from St. Luke's Square straight into the Shropshire Union Canal, and consists partly of buildings known as "potbanks" (until they come to be sold by auction, when auctioneers describe them as "extensive earthenware manufactories") and partly of cottages whose highest rent is four-and-six a week.

In such surroundings was an extraordinary man born. He was the only anxiety of a widowed mother, who gained her livelihood and his by making up "ladies' own materials" in ladies' own houses.

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