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I. Uncle Indefer
II. Isabel Brodrick
III. Cousin Henry
IV. The Squire's Death
V. Preparing for the Funeral
VI. Mr Apjohn's Explanation
VII. Looking for the Will
VIII. The Reading of the Will
IX. Alone at Llanfeare
X. Cousin Henry Dreams a Dream
XI. Isabel at Hereford
XII. Mr Owen
XIII. The Carmarthen Herald
XIV. An Action for Libel
XV. Cousin Henry Makes Another Attempt
XVI. Again at Hereford
XVII. Mr Cheekey

XVIII. Cousin Henry Goes to Carmarthen
XIX. Mr Apjohn Sends for Assistance
XX. Doubts
XXI. Mr Apjohn's Success
XXII. How Cousin Henry Was Let Off Easily
XXIII. Isabel's Petition
XXIV. Conclusion


Uncle Indefer

"I have a conscience, my dear, on this matter," said an old gentleman to a young lady, as the two were sitting in the breakfast parlour of a country house which looked down from the cliffs over the sea on the coast of Carmarthenshire.

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