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I. Doctor Mary's Paying Guest 1
II. The General Remembers 13
III. Mr. Saffron at Home 27
IV. Professional Etiquette 39
V. A Familiar Implement 53
VI. Odd Story of Captain Duggle! 66
VII. A Gentlemanly Stranger 80
VIII. Captain Alec raises his Voice 94
IX. Doctor Mary's Ultimatum 107
X. That Magical Word Morocco! 123
XI. The Car behind the Trees 138
XII. The Secret of the Tower 151
XIII. Right of Conquest 163
XIV. The Sceptre in the Grave 178
XV. A Normal Case 192
XVI. Dead Majesty 206
XVII. The Chief Mourners 220
XVIII. The Gold and the Treasure 234



"Just in time, wasn't it?" asked Mary Arkroyd.

"Two days before the-the ceremony! Mercifully it had all been kept very quiet, because it was only three months since poor Gilly was killed. I forget whether you ever met Gilly? My half-brother, you know?"

"Only once-in Collingham Gardens. He had an exeat, and dashed in one Saturday morning when we were just finishing our work. Don't you remember?"

"Yes, I think I do. But since my engagement I'd gone into colours-oh, of course, I've gone back into mourning now!-and everything was ready-settlements and so on, you know. And rooms taken at Bournemouth. And then it all came out!"

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