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I. Who Will Be the New Bishop?
II. Hiram's Hospital According to Act of Parliament
III. Dr. and Mrs. Proudie
IV. The Bishop's Chaplain
V. A Morning Visit
VI. War
VII. The Dean and Chapter Take Counsel
VIII. The Ex-Warden Rejoices in His Probable Return
to the Hospital
IX. The Stanhope Family
X. Mrs. Proudie's Reception-Commenced
XI. Mrs. Proudie's Reception-Concluded
XII. Slope versus Harding
XIII. The Rubbish Cart
XIV. The New Champion

XV. The Widow's Suitors
XVI. Baby Worship
XVII. Who Shall Be Cock of the Walk?
XVIII. The Widow's Persecution
XIX. Barchester by Moonlight
XX. Mr. Arabin
XXI. St. Ewold's Parsonage
XXII. The Thornes of Ullathorne
XXIII. Mr. Arabin Reads Himself in at St. Ewold's
XXIV. Mr. Slope Manages Matters Very Cleverly at Puddingdale
XXV. Fourteen Arguments in Favour of Mr. Quiverful's Claims
XXVI. Mrs. Proudie Wrestles and Gets a Fall
XXVII. A Love Scene
XXVIII. Mrs. Bold is Entertained by Dr. and Mrs. Grantly
at Plumstead
XXIX. A Serious Interview
XXX. Another Love Scene

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